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    if you tell me Lady Gaga is a man don’t be surprised when I smack you all the way back to ‘09 where that joke died bye. 

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  4. rubybellucci:

    *watches anaconda video*

    me: *does 100 squats*

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  6. why big boobs suck



    • u want to sleep on ur tummy?? ha
    • need a bra that fits you? go a head and try, punk
    • thats a cute dress, it fits u perfect except for your giant melons that get in the way
    • unwanted attention from weird animalistic males
    • running??? u mean slapping urself in the face repeatedly 
    • losing food in your cleavage and having to shove your hand down your shirt to try and get it out 

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  7. my-h-e-a-r-t-s-not-in-it:

    hey sorry im late i didnt want to come

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  8. youngspiritofsin:

    if you can’t laugh during sex, you might not be doing it with the right person

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